Who am I?

Hi! I am 0x705h, or Toshi, or Tosh, or tsh, or [insert here a long list of handles] and since I was 4 years old and got in contact with a Commodore 64 I have been fascinated by computers and programming.

I learned to read and write with computers before school, typing C64 BASIC listings, and started to understand what the hell I was doing from a very early age.

Fast-forward 30+ years, I work as a Software Engineer and Information Security consultant, being in the industry for more than ~20 years, and still having fun with it :)

I like sizecoding, codegolfing, competing in CTFs and competitive programming events.

In the footer of this page, you’ll find contact info in case you want to drop me a line.

Groups and Friends

This is a list of groups that I am involved with and friends with digital ongoing projects.


Pungas de Villa Martelli - Demoscene Group, Argentina

Rebelión Digital

Latinamerican digital revolutionaries, with choripanes and empanadas

0x705h Mastodon Instance

Coders & Artists

  • TBD [ to be disclosed ;D ]